• Where Kate stands

    The Broome County Sheriff's Correctional Facility.

    In the first 90 days in Office, Kate will form a committee of stakeholders to provide a healthy, safe and positive environment in the Correctional facility. The committee will include mental health and substance-use disorder professionals, community re-entry programs, faith-based advocates, medical staff, Corrections command staff and the representation from the Corrections Officers Union. All stakeholders will have a voice at the table.

    Fiscal responsibility.

    Kate will establish a new standard of fiscal responsibility to ensure Law Enforcement and Corrections services are provided efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

    Enhance relationships with the Community.

    Kate will build bridges that will lead to further cohesion and tolerance among residents and deputy sheriffs.

  • Kate's Endorsements

    • Gerald Kellar, retired Broome County Sheriff's Office Undersheriff
    • Donald Huff, retired Broome County Sergeant
    • Daniel J. Wilcox, retired Broome County Deputy Sheriff
    • Jon Ayers, retired Broome County Detective
    • Sean Newton, former Broome County Detective
    • Leo Skiba, retired Broome County Deputy Sheriff
    • Michael Clapp, retired Broome County Detective Sergeant
    • Kevin France, retired Broome County Correctional Officer
    • Sharon Conroy, retired Broome County Sheriff's Office fiscal office
    • Rita McHugh, retired Broome County Sheriff's Office keyboard specialist
    • Karen Andrews, Broome County Information Technology Assist. Director
    • William Frantz, Broome County Office of Emergency Services
    • Michael Wheeler, retired New York State Environmental Conservation Police
    • Katherine Young, retired Broome County Office of Mental Health Deputy Commissioner
    • Honorable Mary Anne Lehmann, retired City of Binghamton Justice
    • Honorable Frederick Burr, retired Town of Colesville Justice



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